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Bride's legs adorned with elegant lace garter.

Our Weddings Duo Packages Booking 

Create Everlasting Memories with Our Weddings Duo Photography & Videography Services

Experience the best of both worlds with our exquisite Wedding Duo Packages, combining the artistry of photography and videography to create a comprehensive and unforgettable documentation of your special day. Our talented team of photographers and videographers will work seamlessly together to capture every precious moment, ensuring that your memories are beautifully preserved for a lifetime.

Eternal Love Duo

Our Eternal Love Duo Package is the epitome of luxury and elegance. With a full 12 hours of coverage, our skilled photographers and videographers will capture every detail, emotion, and highlight of your wedding day. From stunning photographs to cinematic videos, this package offers a comprehensive documentation of your love story.

Bride and Groom going for a walk while our weddings team are filming

Premier Photography & Video

The Premier Photography & Video Package is designed for those seeking exceptional quality and creativity. Our expert photographers and videographers will collaborate closely to ensure that every moment is captured in the most captivating way. With 8 hours of coverage, you can trust us to deliver a stunning collection of photographs and a cinematic video that reflects the essence of your love story.

Happy Bride dancing while our weddings professionals taking videos and photoshoots

Timeless Memories Combo

The Timeless Memories Combo Package is perfect for couples who desire a condensed yet impactful documentation of their wedding day. Our dedicated photographers and videographers will flawlessly work together to capture the most significant moments, resulting in a collection of timeless photographs and a cinematic video that encapsulate the essence of your special day.

Striped Bowtie of the groom and close up shot by the team at our weddings photography

Our Enchanted Memories Expo Exclusive package is a limited-time offering available only at select wedding expos. This package offers 8 hours of coverage by our talented photographers and videographers, ensuring that every detail and emotion is beautifully captured. Contact us at the expo to learn more about this exclusive package.

At Our Weddings, we understand the importance of preserving your wedding memories with the utmost care and artistry. With our Wedding Duo Packages, you can trust our team of professionals to deliver a seamless and exceptional experience, resulting in a stunning collection of photographs and videos that tell the story of your love.

Book your Wedding Duo Package with Our Weddings today and let us create a harmonious blend of photography and videography that beautifully captures your special day. Contact us to Our Weddings Duo Packages Booking and discuss your requirements and embark on a journey to create everlasting memories.

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