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Fire Dance Show

Our Weddings' Sparkular, Dry Ice, and Drummers Booking Section

Create an unforgettable wedding atmosphere with Our Weddings' extraordinary Sparkular, Dry Ice, and Drummers packages. Trust in our expertise to craft exceptional experiences that mesmerize you and your guests. Our Sparkulars will light up your celebration with mesmerizing sparks, while the enchanting mist created by our Dry Ice Machines will transform your venue into a dreamlike setting.


To add a touch of cultural flair, our talented Middle Eastern Drummers will create captivating rhythms that will elevate the energy and excitement of your special day. Let Our Weddings create an extraordinary atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. Book now to make your wedding truly unforgettable.

Magical Mélange

Indulge in the Magical Mélange Package, an awe-inspiring fusion of Sparkulars and Dry Ice that will elevate the atmosphere of your event. This package includes four mesmerizing Sparkulars, igniting the space with dazzling sparks, and one enchanting Dry Ice display, weaving a dreamlike cloud that transforms your event into a fairytale setting.

Spakulars at the weddings with our photographers from our weddings

Mystic Harmony

Introducing the Mystic Harmony Package - a breathtaking blend of Sparkulars and Dry Ice, designed to create a captivating atmosphere at your event and leave a lasting impression. This package offers six spellbinding Sparkulars, illuminating the space with shimmering sparks, and one mystical Dry Ice display, conjuring a surreal mist that transforms your event into a dreamlike setting.

Dry-Ice-Wedding-DJ-Melbourne-Adelaide with our weddings

Enchanting Fusions

Immerse yourself in the Enchanting Fusions Package, our most luxurious and captivating combination of Sparkulars and Dry Ice. This package features eight magnificent Sparkulars, filling the space with glistening sparks, and two spellbinding Dry Ice displays, enveloping the floor with a heavenly mist, creating an exquisite atmosphere.

spark_one_machines_with our weddings  photographers and videographers

Why Choose Us

At Our Weddings, we understand the importance of customization. If none of the packages perfectly aligns with your vision, we are more than happy to create a bespoke package tailored to your desires.


To add a touch of tradition and cultural flair to your event, we also offer Middle Eastern Drummers. Contact us for more information on incorporating the captivating rhythms of these talented musicians into your wedding.

Book your Sparkular, Dry Ice, and Drummers package with Our Weddings today and let us create an extraordinary experience that will leave your guests spellbound. Contact us to discuss Our Weddings' Sparkular, Dry Ice, and Drummers Booking Section, your requirements and embark on a journey to create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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